L-R: Jens Fredriksson (Bs), Mikael Dagobert (Kb), Daniel Reese (Gtr), Daniel Tjernberg (Vo), Jonas Hoffman (Dm), Gabriel Tjernberg (Gtr). Line-up page.


The history of Dark Legacy goes back to 1996. The band was formed in the little Swedish village Örsundsbro under the name Rest In Peace. As a loudplaying heavy metal band they played covers of famous heavy metal acts. After many live shows and some changes in the line-up, the band picked a new name and changed direction in 2005: Musically Dark Legacy went into darker territories and the sound can be described as symphonic death/black metal. From now on the band solely composed their own material and in late 2012 they started to record the best songs of its 16 years long activity. This resulted in that in 2013 the band signed with BVR and the following year their debut album Ad Extremum Epilogue was released. The release was followed by a short UK tour and soon the band was back in the studio to compose the sequel to the debut. Daniel’s brother Gabriel joined the band on 2nd guitar for the secual fullength and to reenforce the band on some live shows. After releasing a single in 2017 with the title track to what awaited, the full-length album The Rejects came out in early 2019. The record was mastered by Dan Swanö and again released on the Swedish record label BVR. The Rejects was followed with the single Mister Babadook in 2020 – a song inspired from an elderly horror movie – and yet another 2 years later the band had composed material enough for the EP An Unexpected Interference. Thematically, the band continues with its horror and fantasy depictions.

To be continued…

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